Investing in Real World Assets made easy!

Diversify your investment streams and optimize profits in hospitality and travel by leveraging QUBI Token and blockchain-powered peer-to-peer lending.

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recently closed investments properties

Investments are sourced in growth markets across Mexico focused on Riviera Maya, with leading investment managers and capital partners.
Low Barrier Entry

Expose your investments to a more diversified portfolio of Real-World assets, Start with as little as 99$ USD

Posses Various Type of Assets

From Real Estate developments to IRL assets like yachts or Bitcoin mining fields

Sustainable solutions

Our platform offers eco-friendly assets that align with our sustainability goals.

What we offer
RWA Asset Tokenization

Tokenize real-world assets such as properties, yachts, or mining fields on the blockchain. Fractional ownership made accessible to all investors.

Property Management

Efficiently manage your properties with Qubi's comprehensive property management solutions. From listings to tenant management, we've got you covered.

Real Estate Crowd Funding

Join a community of investors and crowdfund real estate projects on our platform. Diversify your portfolio and access exclusive investment opportunities.

Let us do the work, so you can focus on what matters.

Expert Management

Benefit from the expertise of leading investment managers and capital partners, ensuring your investments are in capable hands.

Passive Income

Earn passive income from your investments, allowing your assets to work for you while you enjoy the rewards.

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How To Buy #QBIT


Create a Wallet:

Download the SolFlare wallet from the app store for free. For desktop users, install the browser extension.

Get Some SOL

You can transfer Solana from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your SolFlare wallet.

Go to Raydium

Connect your wallet to Raydium. Paste the $QBIT token address into Raydium's search bar, select $QBIT.

Swap SOL for $QBIT

Swap your SOL for $QBIT. We have zero taxes, so you don't need to worry about buying with a specific slippage.


Empowering Ownership, Transforming Investments.

Our platform empowers you to unlock wealth through real-world assets, democratizing ownership and redefining investment horizons.